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Superfast success in West Sussex

Friday 23rd December, 2016

We have provided access to better, faster broadband to more than 90% of the county in line with the government’s target.

New services are now available to more than 60,000 more homes and businesses and 47,000 of those premises can now access fibre broadband at ‘superfast’ speeds of 24mbps and faster.

In early 2016 we invested an additional £2.5m to extend coverage of ‘superfast’ broadband to 3,000 more premises by the end of 2017. The engineering is happening now and is increasingly complex and expensive.

And we are not stopping there.

West Sussex County Council now wants to push coverage further into the county by using an additional £3.9million.

The money is not new funding but is the result of our careful contract management of BT which is repaying us a significant amount of underspend, as well as an agreed share of future profits (via a contractual mechanism to claw back public funding).

Continuing the current fibre broadband network roll out gives us the opportunity to cover extra premises countywide and we are working with BT to understand which areas can benefit. We expect to have details to share by the end of February 2017.

West Sussex County Council is very mindful that fibre broadband is not available to every premise in the county, and extensive analysis has shown that 100% coverage is not going to be possible with the available funding and technology.

We are being ambitious but do believe that extra fibre broadband coverage of 4,000 more premises is achievable by the end of 2018.