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We show an exchange as ‘accepting orders’ when two or more cabinets have gone live with new broadband services. However we may be working on more cabinets or solutions for exchange only lines in the same exchange area which will go live at a later date. Please bear with us and continue to use the checker to see the latest details for your postcode.

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High level roll out map

Please use this map as an indication of where we plan to bring new broadband services.

An additional £2.5 million of investment by West Sussex County Council and central government will extend the current rollout of ‘superfast’ fibre broadband to reach 95% of the county.

The map reflects the anticipated fibre broadband rollout at a postcode level.  It does not provide an indication of expected speed or service at a premises level, and not all premises within a postcode will be able to be included within the roll out at the same time.

Many parts of West Sussex are covered by BT’s commercial roll out of broadband. Please see this map as showing the anticipated publicly-funded roll out of broadband to ensure 95% coverage across the county.

Building of broadband infrastructure is subject to detailed survey, design and network planning.

The map also includes postcodes which continue to remain eligible for funding as they are not part of the extended roll out. This is because it is too expensive, or it is simply not possible, to provide a fibre-based superfast broadband solution. Again, not every premise in a postcode may be affected.

Please use the exchange map to see the latest information about what is happening in your exchange area. We update the information once work begins to build the network and new broadband services enabled by the publicly-funded roll out are live.

Areas which are not included in the 95% coverage of superfast broadband services will continue to remain eligible for any future funding.

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Please note

1. Because some post codes are served by more than one exchange, the post code checker can’t identify the specific exchange serving your property. But by showing all the exchanges nearby, you'll be able to track their progress as they become enabled for high speed fibre broadband.

2. We like to make high speed fibre broadband available as soon as possible so when we declare an exchange is 'accepting orders', all the street cabinets in the exchange area may not have been completed yet.  This takes time, so please be patient with us.

3. In some exchange areas not every cabinet can be upgraded.